Rules for Dating a DJ

In this article, we will discuss the rules of dating a DJ. If you are in a relationship with a DJ, you might find some of these rules helpful. If you are not in a relationship with a DJ but want to know what to expect when dating one, read on!

1. Be aware that DJs have their own set of norms and standards that they abide by and adhere to strictly. These norms may be different from your own or from what is considered normal for other people.

2. Don’t expect them to be romantic or attentive. They are usually too busy focusing on the music and the crowd as well as their equipment and other responsibilities at work to spend time on relationships.

Rule 1. Don’t Be Shy!

The first rule of social success is to be confident. It’s not easy to approach new people and speak up, but it’s worth the effort.

Rule 2. Great Music Matters!

When it comes to dating, you need to be on the same page as your date. You might think that they don’t care about music, but DJs definitely do. In fact, according to a study by the University of Miami, “music is one of the most important factors in determining who would make a good romantic partner.”

This is why anyone who is interested in dating DJs should have great taste in music. They should know what songs will work for them and their dates and what songs will not work for them or their dates.

Rule 3. Keep the Conversation Going!

It has been said that the best way to get someone to like you is by being a good listener. But, it’s not just about listening, it’s also about engaging with the person. This is where conversation skills come in.

They might look like gods when they are on the decks but DJs are real people when it comes to dating. Like every human being out there, DJs have a different set of norms for dating and what they are willing to do. In order to avoid any unwanted surprises, make sure you understand their norms before getting into any kind of physical contact with them.

Rule 4. You might not be dancing.

One thing you will have to face is that your partner might not want to dance with you. A DJ is a person who provides music at a party or event and helps people enjoy themselves through the music they play. But this doesn’t mean they like dancing too. Studies have shown that the majority of DJs have a very different way to view music and they rarely like dancing. So there is a good chance that you won’t be dancing much if your date is a DJ! Keep that in mind and always be respectful towards your partner and his/her needs.

Rule 5. Be prepared to go to parties even if you are bored of them

As you can understand, DJs go to work where others have fun. This means that if you want to spend some extra time with your special someone and that special someone is a DJ, you will have to follow him/her at many parties. It is certain that some of them won’t be enjoyable for you. You must be prepared to be really patient with that kind of situation and support your significant other as much as possible if you want to have a successful relationship.

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